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Mobile Service Auto Glass has over 40 years of experience in business. We provide high-quality auto glass work. All our jobs are done from start to finish within 24 hours. Usually, we can get the job done within 1-2 hours.

We pride ourselves in our services and do the best we can to provide work with the best price. Call us today for a FREE estimate!
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Our Team of Auto Technicians

 Bob Graham
-Owner/Operator since 1990
-Bob has been in the auto glass business since 1973.
-He is 100% committed to provide quality work for our customers.
-He has a passion for anything fast and loud and loves to restore classic cars.

** Interesting fact about Bob**
Bob has earned more than 200 trophy's and awards for his work on classic car's and racing.
Nick Wasinger
-Certified Master Installer and Shop Supervisor since 2011
-He aides in sales and promotion and loves it!
-Nick's personality is as big as life and will help anyone in need.
-Nick shares Bob's passion for anything that is fast and loud, and spends his spare time restoring his 

**Interesting fact about Nick**
He has cut himself over 2000 times in his lifetime but only twice with glass.
Donny Brosius (the man with the beard)
-Certified Master Installer and Upholstery expert since 1997.
-Donny does most of the upholstery work and has been dubbed the best around.
-He installs the convertible/vinyl tops and does it with patience to near perfection.
-Donny is a loyal and hard working employee
-Donny's passion is for gardening and old Fords

**Interesting fact about Donny**
He has a farm of domesticated animals which include 8 dogs, 3 cats, 2 birds, a rabbit and 9 chickens.
Tara Heath
-Office Manager/Estimator/Buyer/AR/AP since 2015
-Tara believes in giving each customer the very best customer service possible.
-She does a little bit of everything around here and loves it all.
-Her passions are Jesus, her family and helping others

**Interesting fact about Tara**
She has never had a broken windshield in all of her driving years.
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